The 1970s were the first decade that males of a certain age wanted to appear younger. The 1970s overturned the conventional standards of fashion that had been set in the 1930s. The 1970s saw the rise of hippie-inspired fashion and bell bottom jeans. In the 1970s, homemade accessories were popular as well as clothing made of natural material. The trend continued well into the 90s. The following decade witnessed the rising popularity of the business suit while men’s style became more casual and relaxed.

The 1940s were the last decade of gentlemanly fashion and class. The conflict and the need for practicality made fashion less extravagant and more practical. The 1940s saw increasing popularity of sportwear, as well as the collegiate look. Men can now look just like their icons and take advantage of current fashions. There is no need to splash out thousands for a suit, and then begin wearing casual clothes.

Outsourcing and fast fashion allowed fashion houses to replicate runway designs with lower cost. The result was the abolition of the class structure that were defined by fashion. The fashion-conscious could afford designer clothes since it cost less. Men’s fashion saw a shift towards a more futuristic fashion towards the close of the decade. This included tweed suits and puffy jackets, as well with tracksuits, Rockport boots, and tracksuits. for men The trend continued through the 1990s, which has continued up to the present.

In the 80s, males were introduced to a whole new fashion world. Three-piece suits with broad lapels and waistcoats with high-rise, were the latest fashion. The neckties were long and the shirt collars were pointed and lengthy. In the 1980s , disco funk was still a popular trend but the trend changed to more refined formal attire. The decade of the 90s saw the rise of high-end clothes and accessories.

The 1970s saw man was in a fashion revolution. This has not been the same since. In the 1960s, people could pick their own clothes and sat on high peaks. By the 1980s, men had more freedom to choose their clothing, and, today, they are no longer restricted by the rules of fashion. These rules once limited them.

The 1940s marked the last decade in which men began wearing suits in three pieces and became increasingly stylish. The suits had broad lapels, high-rise waistcoats and various shades. The neckties were long and collars on shirts became sharp and pointed. In this decade, the males were beginning to dress up more and fashions were quite different. The 1950s were the time when the “futuristic” style was distinguished through puffy jackets and tracksuits. In the 1960s, power dressing became more popular.

The era of the’superman’ was born with a less streamlined style of clothing for men. The “Superman” style had begun to emerge with suits for men that had large shoulders and slim waists. The “Superman” style was accentuated by large pointed lapels as well as tapered legs and shoulders that were pointed. In times of hardship the dark hues and the linen were popular, and men’s pants were tailored and slack to match the naval.

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