The New Romantic 2018

The New Romantic (2018) นิวโรแมนติก

The New Romantic Blake is a student journalist who is the author of a column about her life with love for the school paper, The HopelessRomantic. River the editor decides to rescind her column because it’s boring. But, she is willing the column back in the event that she can come up with more interesting material.

Blake mistakenly swapped her ID with an ID of a different student while out with Nikki her roommate and best friend. Blake returned her ID to Morgan, who is in a relationship with an older man. Morgan is encouraging Blake to stay, and she reveals she’s an unrequited sugarbaby. The man with whom she’s living is willing to offer to pay Blake to remain. Blake declines. The New Romantic HD

Blake finds out during an editorial meeting that Jacob is a journalist friend who is submitting an application for an award Gonzo journalist. River is supporting Jacob. Blake is unhappy and decides to speak with Morgan about her sugar baby incident. Blake receives an invitation from Morgan to an evening at a pool, where she gets to meet Ian who is an older, rich professor. Blake refuses Ian’s invitation to become his sugar baby. Blake writes about the incident for the newspaper however River isn’t interested in the story. Blake refuses to give Blake his column back until River insists that it appears that he’s trying to get get her to sign up to write her a column.

Blake and Nikki attend an event for costumes, where Blake is dressed in the role of Raoul Du. They are shocked to see Jacob dressed in the same way. Blake and Jacob are able to take Jacob home. But, Jacob doesn’t have a condom and so they stop their attempts to sexual sex. To Jacob’s dismay, Blake writes about their unsuccessful coupling in her column.

Blake accepts Ian’s offer and decides to go on an evening date. The main reason she is interested in is to be able to compete with Jacob for the Journalism award. Blake and Ian are sexy during their first meeting. After she robbed her bicycle at first, she believed she would get nothing in exchange. But, Ian gave her with a scooter. Blake begins writing about her experiences with Ian and her column is a huge hit. Blake states her column is not anonymous and Jacob questions Blake to explain her motives.

Blake continues to be with Ian He is still in contact with her, and despite initially refusing to accept anything she eventually requested Ian to draft a recommendation letter to her in exchange for the Journalism Award. He was willing to write the letter.

Blake, who has a high level of MDMA after consuming the Nikki-laced cake, wakes up in the afternoon to see Ian wearing a diamond bracelet and invites her to join Ian at the wedding. Blake is able to follow Ian to the wedding and finds out that Morgan is Morgan’s sugar dad. Following the weddingceremony, the groom appears to her and tells her that he wants to have a sex. Blake goes off without not telling Ian.

Blake is disturbed by the things that happened at her wedding starts to doubt her connection with Ian. She is unable to comprehend why this is different in comparison to prostitutes. Blake is trying to get in touch with Ian over dinner, but Ian is unable to answer any personal questions. They are having sex and Blake is unable to stop it, despite his resistance. Blake unhappy after their first night of dating is forced to go outside for some fresh air. Following their first night of being together she goes home and discovers the bicycle Ian handed her. She comes back to the toga night with her sheet and takes a ride back home. Jacob notices that she is upset and invites her for breakfast. They connect over their experiences being kids of divorced parents.

Blake returns home only to discover Ian facing Ian. He is threatening to reprimand him. He’s looked over her writing samples and discovered that she’s writing about their relationship. If she doesn’t take off the column Ian threatens to end her career and refuse to sign her recommendation letter to the award.

Blake is contemplating what she should do, and she decides to sell the jewellery Ian gifted her. Blake and the men who appeared in her column weren’t identified , so she publishes her final column with her real name since she isn’t embarrassed.

Blake is about to graduate Blake is heading to graduation when Jacob gives him a text message asking him to meet her in the bleachers. Jacob makes a lousy recreation of the final scene from sleeping night in Seattle that was the first thing he noticed after discovering that Nora Emphron was one of Blake’s favorite authors. Blake is thankful for the gesture, and they kissed prior to going to the graduation ceremony.

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